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Get Paid More for the same work by learning the exact process to turn boring videos into Eye Popping Thrillers
even if you never picked up a camera or haven’t heard of any editing software to date.

Discover the Underground Process of
Creating, Recording, Editing, and Transforming your Videos into Hollywood Grade Professional Videos to get more Eyeballs, build Authority, and Generate Profits on Demand

We take this Mammoth task to turn you from a beginner to a
pro Video Creator
that clients will beg upon to get their work done from.

  • Learn how to create, edit, and craft videos for any business
  • Tell Stories and Engage your Audience by mesmerizing them with Jaw-Dropping Hollywood Grade Thrillers
  • Learn the exact systems and techniques that we have developed over the past 5 years.
  • Be the king of Transitions
  • No Experience? No Equipment? No Worries. Learn everything from scratch and build your way up.
  • Pre Production, Production and Post Production, learn it all from one single place

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After Serving Creators for more than 2.5 Years with StockNation, we have experienced a Key thing that’s missing,

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle is:

Even after having all the tools and resources in hand,
Creators are not able to create the videos that LEAVE AN IMPACT on the viewer’s mind.

They are still not able to create scroll stopping videos that engage and
hypnotize the users into taking the desired action.

This leads to:

You expected to Create the ‘best’ video
that will make the jaw drop and send chills to the spine

You ‘expected’ all of the above to work by just using a ‘tool’

But, the ‘expected’ never happened.

We understand the pain you went through.

We understand what you experienced.

You thought the Video Creation software will solve all your problems..

Instead, the software you bought turned everything upside down.

It led you to believe that you just need ‘tools’ to become successful..

Well, here is a secret that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT and you should know this today.

Tools are mere vacuum and of ‘NO USE’.

You see.

They are just means to achieve your end goals..

What matters is ‘skills’ and the ability to create videos that actually PAYS the Money, and gets you the Respect & Results you always desired.

When we looked back at our own journey,
we understood that these Skills may take a long time to acquire,

Unless you follow a Step by Step Proven Blueprint to make hyper-engaging videos that attracts eyeballs and gets you all that you desire out of it.

And it is then, we started working on the same line!!

We amassed all our combined experience of 2 decades into using videos to make big profits online and further, collaborated with video experts, having experience of 7 years, to put together a blueprint.

The blueprint that showcases the exact underdog
step by step process of creating high grade videos that:

  • people will love & heartily pay for
  • Get you the Desired Results you always wanted
  • Create the ‘best’ video that will make the jaw drop and send chills to the spine
  • Make Viewers Click the Share Button and Say Wow on experiencing your Videos

And, today, we are Hyper Excited to Present the same Blueprint to you…

Introducing ‘Creator’s Academy”

Look at Creator’s Academy, as being the ultimate destination for all resources and a comprehensive golden blueprint for step by steps lessons, including - Creation, Recording, and Editing… much so - with an objective to make profitable video-making look like a cake-walk for you…

With this Blueprint, you will be able to:

  • Make More Money for yourself and your clients
  • Generate the Engagement and Results you always wanted
  • Create the ‘best’ video that will make the jaw drop and send chills to the spine
  • No More dependency on Expensive and Sluggish Freelancers

Okay, enough!! We like to call a spade a spade and allow us to introduce what’s included inside “The Creator’s Academy”

Here is what is covered inside
The Creator’s Academy :

Module #1


  • The backbone of any video
  • Engaging Viewers
  • Pioneering your own story
Module #2

Shooting/Selecting the perfect clip :

  • Gear
  • Creating a Shot list / Camera Angles
  • A Roll, B Roll
  • Camera Settings
  • Lens
Module #3

Data Management

  • Never lose sight of the most important files of your Projects
  • Save your time and effort which can be invested in creating your best videos
  • Those who manage their work vs those who don’t is what makes them unique from the crowd.
Module #4

Starting a Project :

  • Workspaces
  • Import Clips
  • What is a timeline
  • Tools
  • How to Create a video
  • Choose The Perfect Clips
  • Choose The Perfect Music
  • Reduce the size of a music
  • How to use effects (Visual Effects/Green Screen/Overlays)
  • Sound effects (Free websites that provide free SFX)
  • A Go Through on Transitions
  • Text and Fonts
  • Color Grading Basics
  • What are Hue, Saturation, and Luma
  • Exporting a Video (Settings)
Module #5

Publishing :

  • Key Notes to Publishing
  • Hashtags
  • Doing SEO on Youtube
  • Selecting Hashtags on Instagram
  • Using a Storyline for the Description on Facebook and Instagram

This is not it.

Here are the bonuses which will make your results boost up by 5X for Absolutely FREE :

Bonus #1

How to Storytell using Videos (Valued at $49)

Learn how to Storytell in the modern world to be able to sell more and profit ‘a lot more’.

Bonus #2

5 Overlay Transitions (Valued at $150)

These sets of transitions will help you to switch from one clip to another making the video look more professional.

Creating amazing transitions will keep your audience engaged and hence will increase views and leads.

Bonus #3

10 Shape Overlays (Valued at $130)

These motion graphics overlays can be placed over your videos making the video more engaging.

You will get these for absolutely FREE, as a bonus when you pick Creator’s Academy today at a one time discounted price.

By learning the art of ‘Video Creation’ yourself, you open the door for the following Opportunities and advantages :

  • You dominate your competition by driving results from videos
  • You can open your own video marketing agency and charge hundreds of dollars for a one minute video
  • You are now not dependent on expensive videographers, agencies, or freelancers and can create videos and publish them faster, resulting in more leads, sales & profits for you.

This along with StockNation will make you unstoppable in Video Marketing and Generating leads and sales for your business or clients.

However, we are offering Creator’s Academy at a discounted price
only today to StockNation’s Customers.

Today, you can get access to
‘CREATOR’S ACADEMY’ for a one-time Investment :


  • Subtitled Videos of all Modules

  • 11 Modules, 30+ Lessons

  • WorkSheets and Tasks

  • Our Personal Resource Rolodex

  • Beginner to Pro Level Training

  • Exclusive Bonuses

  • Our Personal Project Breakdown

  • Feedback to Improve on your Videos

StockNation 3.0 - Creators Academy


If you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked money-back guarantee. Just send us a Support Ticket once the launch Period is Over and we will take care of it for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain! So scroll back up & go ahead in building your video marketing journey

Confused about which type of videos you can create after learning from ‘Creator’s Academy’? Have a look:

  • Facebook Ads Videos that generates results
  • YouTube Ads Videos that catches attention in under first 5 seconds
  • Videos for generating leads
  • Videos for generating sales
  • Videos for your brand’s content so you get more engagement and visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creator’s Academy:

Question 1. Is ‘Creator’s Academy’ for beginners or advanced?

A. Creator’s Academy is for beginners to Intermediate VideoPreneurs. Even If you have never used any editing software or haven’t picked up the camera for video recording, the creator’s academy is still for you.

Question 2. Which video editing software you teach inside Creator’s Academy?

A. We teach both Final Cut Pro (Mac only) and Adobe Premiere Pro. There are trial versions available, but you must purchase the software on your own.

Question 3. Is there any certification post completion of the course?

A. Yes, you do receive a certification once you complete the training

Question 4. Am I too old to do this course?

A. Not at all, anyone with a passion to grow their video skills can take this training.

Question 5. What happens if I miss a class, get sick, or can’t attend?

A. Our lessons and modules are recorded, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Upgrade your StockNation Package with
Creator’s Academy

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